Event hosting

Your Image

Event Prestige Group is an image which evolves, which is consistent with the stages of your activity. Beyond a dress style, our hostesses go to meet people, customers with naturalness, personality and grace. Kindness, discernment and adaptability characterize relational elegance

Modern Values

Event Prestige Group shares the modern values of agile management. All stakeholders are equally important and all points of view are taken into account.

We know the paths and passions of all our employees to meet very specific profiles. We take into account the personality of our hostesses so that they can express their skills in order to present a tailor-made quality event reception.

The high-end Event

Event Prestige Group participates in the image rise of a company out of the classic framework. Our hostesses are your ambassadresses. They make your event a high-end service. Their elegant outfits, combining comfort and modernity, allow them to devote themselves fully to the success of their mission.