Personalized service

Luxury Conciergerie

Event Prestige Group presents a wide range of high-end personalized services. This luxury conciergerie deploys all its skills with elegance and discretion. Do not worry about anything, let us do it!

Event Prestige Group, has specialized in the world of relational elegance to best meet your expectations. In search of the means of valorization of your brand company, of your singularity. We make sure that every moment is unique.

Custom Services

The Event Prestige Group Custom Services are placed under the label of the Luxury Conciergerie. At the discretion of our customers, you will find among our services and in the respect of your specifications:

  • tailor-made hostesses
  • plurilingual Personal Shoppers
  • supervisors, supervisors for your trips and seminars
  • drivers and valet

and a list that you have to complete.

At your service

Event Prestige Group attaches the greatest importance to your listening. Our priority is to identify the needs of our customers with a view to responding as best as possible and as quickly as possible. Analysis for the purpose of improving your image is the heart of our business.

Upon receipt of your specifications, we hurry our teams, ensure their training and understanding of your expectations. Our quality manager moves in order to participate in the good realization of your processes, and if it is possible, to improve them. Conversely, in case of impossibility, the brief meetings that it sets up allow proposing solutions. This sometimes informal communication creates links and creates a feeling of trust between us.