Quality Manager

Quality is a responsibility

Event Prestige Group guarantees to all its customers respect for its codes and values by assessing the quality of its services. Our Quality Manager’s mission is to ensure the smooth running of the services of each member of his team. Focused on the qualitative, this responsibility is first and foremost a common sense support, a responsiveness to make the service optimal.

Our quality manager inquires about the well-being of employees and customers in a pro-active way.

Quality measurement

Our manager is responsible for measuring quality. She goes to our customers to ensure proper conduct and application of procedures.

His audit is delicate. It stays the necessary time, observes and brings solutions. Listening to the customer, she creates a triangle of exchanges so as not to wait for a problem to become a problem. She ensures the good training of new recruits.

A tailor-made job

Our quality manager masters the codes of luxury and propriety. To legitimize her knowledge and the coherence of your image, she also followed a training in image consulting, validated by a diploma.

It is she who defines the excellence of relational elegance. She is a woman of experience, presence and perspective in complex situations.